Zac Efron To Star In Movie About A Big Piece Of Metal

Zac Efron is continuing to stack up new projects at a steady clip. The latest movie on the horizon from the former High School Musical star is Gold, a survival thriller “about two strangers who stumble across the biggest gold nugget ever found” in the Australian wilderness. Based on the description, “nugget” may downplay its heft, as a major part of their struggle is just figuring out a way to excavate it and bring it topside.

News of the movie comes from The Hollywood Reporter, who also indicates that Anthony Hayes (War Machine, Animal Kingdom) will both co-star and direct the film. Hayes also co-wrote the script with Polly Smyth (Crawlspace, Killer Elite).

“This is an exciting, gripping and timely tale about greed, humanity, who we are, what we’ve done to the world and where we are heading if we aren’t careful,” said Hayes. “To have Zac Efron as my main man on this film is an absolute gift and to see what he is creating already is like nothing we’ve seen from him before. I can’t wait to deliver this bold, visceral, and cinematic film to audiences all around the world.”

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