You can now buy NZXT’s H1 case without worry it will catch on fire

The case that appears as though a Xbox Series X support has gotten back to NZXT’s webstore.

NZXT has amended its H1 undercarriage, the smaller than normal ITX PC case that bears a solid similarity to the Xbox Series X reassure, so it never again is a fire peril. What’s more, in that capacity, deals of the case have continued in its online store.

The case is certainly not a modest one at $350. In any case, it’s not simply a skeleton—it likewise accompanies a completely measured 650W SFX power supply unit with 80 Plus Gold confirmation, and an across the board fluid cooler with a 140mm radiator. So it’s to a greater extent a starter unit than essentially a case.

It’s really an incredible case as well, since the fire peril has been tended to, as NZXT noted on Twitter.

Pre-correction units were influenced by a flawed plan with respect to how the designs card gets introduced. Because of its square shape, the illustrations card sits vertically inside the suspension, with a PCIe riser link associating it to the motherboard. As it ended up, the PCIe riser get together caused the issue. Or then again more absolutely, the screws for the riser link were the issue.

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“The two screws that connect the PCIe riser get together to the undercarriage may cause an electrical short out in the printed circuit board that may overheat and make the chance of a fire risk. While this issue impacts a little level of cases, we are avoiding any and all risks and are building up an easy to-utilize fix unit that you can introduce without delivery your case anyplace,” NZXT clarified a month ago.

It’s a fairly straightforward fix that essentially involves utilizing various screws. NZXT has continued selling the case on its site, apparently with the very new screws that involve its maintenance pack. Retailers like Amazon and Newegg will at last start selling the case again too, however it’s not satisfactory precisely when—NZXT says it will “gradually turn out” to retail accomplices.

Same goes for NZXT’s prebuilt BLD PCs. Variants with the H1 body have continued too, beginning at $1,799.