Yes, every NPC in Hitman’s Sapienza map will fit inside a single meat freezer

Not that anybody was asking, but rather indeed, on the off chance that you so needed, you could fit the whole populace of Hitman’s celebrated Sapienza map into a solitary stroll in cooler—and it would just take you a little under 7 hours to do as such.

As spotted by Games Radar, decoration RTGame Daniel spent a fourth of a day doing precisely that. Gradually and efficiently, the Mediterranean town’s populace of more than 200 watchmen, servers, researchers and vacationers were stifled out and carried into the butcher’s shop, heaped on top of one another in gross insubordination of social removing.

There was a highlight this, obviously. This deliberate disposal of an unassuming community was all arrangement for the decoration’s genuine test, which was to see whether each NPC in a Hitman stage could be slaughtered with a solitary shot. While throwing a dangerous golf ball into the human Katamari approaches and makes a really blood-turning sour suppress (jump to 8:48:00), it doesn’t exactly deal with the work, attributable to what Daniel calls a “meat shield” impeding the harm from applying to all entertainers.

The undertaking grabbed the eye of engineer IO Interactive, in any event, who showed up similarly dazzled and distressed by the six-hour issue.

Presently, in fact, Daniel figured out how to take out the two mission targets, however I’d barely consider it Agent 47’s most exquisite activity. I’d be less dazzled with Mr Hitman’s sleuthing abilities in Dartmoor in the event that it turned he’d quite recently pushed the family in the rear of a jeep.

In case you’re new to the arrangement and need to discover your balance as a bald professional killer, Andy K’s assembled a helpful guide on beginning with Hitman. Unfortunately, it doesn’t accompany its own 7-hour video instructional exercise on wiping out a town.