Xbox Series X/S: GameSpot’s Console And Game Reviews

The Xbox Series X is nearly here, and with the new console’s release–as well as the Xbox Series S‘ release–comes an onslaught of new game reviews and coverage. We’ve played and reviewed several of the consoles’ games already, including newly released titles as well as games that were updated and optimized for the console.

To make things easy for you, we’ve provided excerpts from all the major reviews below, including the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles as well as several launch games. If you’ve been waiting to decide whether or not to get the console, this should help you make the decision–if you can find an Xbox Series X/S system to order.

Xbox Series X review

The Series X is an extremely refined Xbox and a great piece of tech that sets a strong foundation for Microsoft to better serve its console users. If you factor in the brand’s development studio acquisitions and upcoming lineup of games, the future does look bright for the Xbox platform. — Michael Higham

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