Xbox Series X Price Prediction: Here’s How Much We Think It Will Cost

For years, Microsoft has been setting the foundation for its next-gen console, Xbox Series X. After having to recover from the blunder of the Xbox One’s launch, the company has spent the latter years of this past console generation catering more to the consumer by advocating cross-platform play and backwards compatibility and expanding its service model with things like Xbox Game Pass and the still-in-development Project xCloud.

Still, as we learn more about Xbox Series X’s architecture, its games, and what Microsoft has in mind for the future it wishes to cultivate with the console, we still don’t know how much it’ll cost. Until Xbox Series X launches this holiday, our imaginations will likely continue to run wild, wondering about potential price points–at least until Microsoft finally confirms it during one its Xbox 20/20 streams.

Below you can find a handful of predictions from the team, addressing our thoughts on the subject and how much we’d personally pay for Microsoft’s next console, but do let us know your predictions in the comments.

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