Xbox Series S Overview Video Shows Off Quick Resume, Compares Load Times, And More

The next generation of Xbox is coming on November 10, in two varieties: the Xbox Series X for $500 and the trimmed down Xbox Series S for $300. Lest you think the lower-priced console is underpowered, though, Microsoft has released a video showing off what the new hardware can do. And it’s pretty impressive.

The lengthy video gives a broad overview of the technical aspects of the Series S, and for the most part, it’s very similar to Series X. It the same essential CPU architecture, Velocity architecture to manage loading prioritization, and includes DirectX ray tracing. The primary difference, according to Microsoft, is that Series X is engineered for 4K while Series S is meant for 1440p resolutions with upscaling to 4K.

Some of the flashiest parts of the video show off individual features. A load time comparison for The Outer Worlds shows Xbox Series S loading into a save in 12 seconds, while an Xbox One S takes 53 seconds. Both Sony and Microsoft have made a point of promoting the load times in their next-gen consoles thanks to the included SSDs.

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