Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Apologizes For Xbox Series X/S Shortages

The Xbox Series X and S consoles are finally here, and the launch is going extremely well for Microsoft. Consoles are selling out fast, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now spoken about this, apologizing for the shortages.

“We need more consoles [laughs],” Spencer said during an appearance at GlitchCon. “The number one request I get over and over is it’s so hard to get the consoles right now. And I really apologize for that. We’ve been building them for almost two months now and trying to get as many into the stores as we can, but the demand is just so high.”

Spencer went on to say that, with COVID-19 impacting the world as it has, 2020 been a challenging year with all kinds of obstacles for developing games and releasing a new platform. Despite those challenges, Spencer said he is proud of his teams and those at Sony and third-party publishers for releasing new games and consoles this holiday season.

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