WWE Survivor Series 2020 Live Updated Results: Will Raw Or Smackdown Come Out On Top?

Tonight is the final major WWE PPV of 2020. Survivor Series pits the Raw and Smackdown rosters against each other to determine which is the dominant brand. Champions will face champions and of course, there are the traditional Survivor Series matches. When the show kicks off, you will be able to find live updates of the winners and losers of every match below.

Survivor Series is taking place at the Amway Center, and of course, it will be surrounded by the Thunderdome. And right now, you can check out the Kickoff Show on WWE’s YouTube, Twitter, or the free tier of the WWE Network. If you want to watch the main card, though, you’ll need to subscribe to WWE’s streaming service. It costs $10 a month, and in addition to watching live-streamed events, you can also check out a massive catalog of in-ring competition and original programming.

One of the big draws to the WWE PPV is none other than the traditional Survivor Series match which sees Raw and Smackdown each pick five competitors for a tag team elimination match. There are only six matches on the card right now–none of which have been announced for the Kickoff Show. For now, here’s what’s booked for Survivor Series.

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