World of Warcraft director Duncan Jones wrote an entire script for a Full Throttle movie, and you can read it here

At the point when I get a mental obstacle I gaze pitifully at a clear page frantically trusting something, anything will come out. Not movie chief Duncan Jones, however. After a new innovative droop, the overseer of Moon, Source Code, and the World of Warcraft film composed a whole content for a film dependent on Tim Schafer’s boss biker experience game Full Throttle.

You can peruse the content here. It’s very dedicated to the game, with a great deal of Schafer’s splendid discourse left unblemished. It additionally, shockingly, adheres near the structure of the game, incorporating Ben’s experiences in the dirty town of Melonweed to find apparatuses, parts, and gas so Mo can fix his bicycle.

It’s somewhat abnormal seeing the ‘gather 3 things’ point-and-snap experience game figure of speech as a film screenplay, however it kinda works. Oh, this isn’t a content that is being placed into creation—simply a fan project by Jones. In any case, it pulled in the consideration (and endorsement) of Schafer. “I wanted difficult during the current year to be superior to a year ago,” he said on Twitter. “However, I didn’t anticipate that  [Jones] should precipitously blast out a total content for a Full Throttle film!”