With The Epic Fight Ongoing, Apple Blocks Facebook Update Mentioning The App Store’s 30% Fee

As Apple and Epic Games begin what is bound to be a lengthy bout in court, the iPhone manufacturer has now moved against Facebook after the social media company tried to inform users of the App Store’s mandatory 30% fee.

In the latest version of its app, Facebook is introducing functionality to allow users to host virtual events and monetize them in response to job losses due to COVID-19. Facebook says it approached Apple to waive the 30% cut it would take from all user transactions but explained that Apple declined the request.

As a response, Facebook attempted to inform users of the cut that Apple would take from their transactions. Apple ultimately blocked the update from launching with the warning in place, citing a clause that prevents “unnecessary information” being communicated to the users. Facebook, in a statement to Reuters, says it will explore alternative methods to communicate this to users in the future.

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