Whoops: Ubisoft Apologizes For Coffee Mug With The Handle On The Inside

Ubisoft China and the clothing company Sheepedia recently teamed up for a series of products related to the gaming company, but something went very wrong with one of them.

Sheepedia created a nice-looking Ubisoft coffee mug, but, due to a “bug” in the manufacturing process, the handle came out on the inside. It’s not exactly the best way to enjoy your morning coffee. You can see the defective mug below.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad (via GamesRadar), Sheepedia apologized for the problem and pulled the mugs from sale. Ahmad pointed out that consumers got very excited about the broken mugs and asked Sheepedia about bringing them back as a novelty item. Sheepedia is said to be communicating with Ubisoft’s corporate owners in France to see if they’ll allow it.

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