Whispering Hills, the mod that brings Silent Hill to Fallout 4, gets its first episode

Counting a school you may perceive.

Murmuring Hills is a Fallout 4 mod that adds a ton of haze and an assortment of natural beasts to the Commonwealth. While a previous variant of it has been around for some time—we’ve been expounding on it since Jon said no way to the Sirenhead update in 2019—the Episode 1 update brings some critical increments. Mainly, a questline to follow total with a voiced NPC.

Said questline will acquaint you with Midwitch Elementary School (in view of the first Silent Hill’s school, Midwich), and part of the town of Whispering Hills. It depends on Centralia, the town utilized as the model for Silent Hill in the film, and the mod clearly utilizes laser-examining information to reproduce the town’s guide.

At the point when Fallout 4 chooses to change the climate there’s a possibility for the hazy town to be supplanted by Silent Hill’s dim bad dream world, and considerably a greater amount of its beasts.

Concerning those beasts, Whispering Hills incorporates Silent Hill backbones like Triangular Prism Head, Uncomfortably Sexy Faceless Nurses, and the Energiser Bunny. It additionally tosses in some other mainstream society creeps like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things and SirenHead, which resembles Slender Man for individuals who think Slender Man is simply too standard nowadays.

You can discover Whispering Hills on ModDB and NexusMods. Further scenes of Whispering Hills will add a greater amount of the town, and new sidekicks since the current ones can’t be carried with you. I trust one of them’s a canine.