What To Do Before Getting Your Xbox Series X/S

The launch of the next generation of Xbox consoles is nearly upon us. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S both release on November 10, which is just a few days away. While you might already have your plans made for which games and accessories you’ll be picking up alongside the new hardware, those transitioning to a Series X or S from an Xbox One have some other things they should prepare for in the meantime.

Below, we’ve highlighted the key things you should consider doing before you get your hands on the new console. It’ll ensure you come prepared to jump into the next-gen experience and–if nothing else–it’ll help pass the time and make the wait for Tuesday feel a little shorter. Be sure to also give our Xbox Series X review a read to see what awaits.

Move Your Games To External Storage

Perhaps the most obvious and straightforward thing to do is to get your existing games ready. Microsoft has placed a great deal of emphasis on backwards compatibility, and you can expect quicker load times for virtually everything, along with performance and frame rate improvements and Auto HDR functionality for games on a case-by-case basis. There are a number of new games coming out during launch week, but you may want to also check out how much better your existing games are or simply continue playing something you’ve already been enjoying on Xbox One.

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