We’re giving away 2,500 beta keys for the zero-G shooter Boundary

The space FPS is set to dispatch not long from now—above all, it’s the ideal opportunity for some testing.

We depicted the forthcoming FPS Boundary in 2019 as “Obligation at hand in zero-G,” yet found that its contort is something beyond a trick. The absence of weight and three-dimensionality implies that anybody can be anyplace, making sightlines of most extreme significance, and the perplexing guide formats and destructible climate put a need on technique over reflexes.

“While the gunplay is the same old thing, it’s completely recontextualised by the development and the zones you’re crossing,” Robin wrote in his see. “The outcome is the most convincing multiplayer game I’ve played throughout the year.”

We haven’t heard much about Boundary from that point forward, however the game is currently recorded on Steam and new distributer Skystone Games, established a year ago by Blizzard North prime supporter David Brevik and Giant Interactive VP David Wang, reported today that it will be out in the not so distant future.

In front of that, engineer Surgical Scalpels is holding a specialized beta test on Steam. It’s set to run from January 15-17, from 10 am PT until late every day, and we have a lot of codes to part with—2,500 of them, truth be told. To go after getting one, simply drop your email address into the gadget underneath.

As usual, we won’t see your location, and Godankey won’t save it: Addresses are simply used to fire out keys to the wager victors.

The pool will be open until 5 pm PT on January 14. On the off chance that you don’t get a beta key in this giveaway, you can likewise enlist for admittance to this and future tests, and discover more about the game, at boundarygame.com.