Welcome To Blumhouse Horror Series Trailer Delivers Scares and Madness

Welcome to Blumhouse is a new collection of horror movies from the producers of such scary hits as Get Out, the Purge series, and the most recent Halloween film. It brings together eight new films, four of which are set to hit Amazon Prime Video next month. The first trailer has now been released.

The trailer provides a look the four movies–Black Box, Evil Eye, The Lie, and Nocturne. All four are quickly intercut throughout the trailer’s short running time so it’s hard to get a sense of the stories, but it looks like an intriguing mix of supernatural scares and more psychological terror. Check it out below:

Blumhouse previously provided synopsis for the four movies, which you can read below. The final four films under the Welcome to Blumhouse banner have not been revealed yet, but they will be released sometime in 2021.

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