Watch Dogs Legion Will Allow You To Recruit Beekeepers Armed With Nano-Bee Swarms

Watch Dogs Legion will allow you to play as anyone you want, whether it be a blue-collar construction worker or an elderly assassin who may inconveniently succumb to old age during a mission. Every character that you can potentially recruit to your growing resistance has a particular set of skills that may come in handy depending on the mission — like a beekeeper who can summon a swarm of bees to attack enemies with.

“This is a really fun character to play,” Watch Dogs Legion’s game director Kent Hudson explained in a new Future Games Show video. “She can do a bee swarm, which is actually near-future nano-bees. She also has an overcharger which is a really cool and unique weapon that synergizes with the bees and creates a big discharge blast.”

To recruit the entomologist, players will have to destroy stolen data that has fallen into the hands of the private military company Albion, in a two-part mission. The gameplay shows off a stealthy approach as an Albion employee makes use of remote control cameras to download the entire layout of the area where the files are kept.

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