Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Mode Coming Early 2021

Watch Dogs: Legion has been receiving regular updates with bug fixes and quality-of-life features, but with that work done Ubisoft says it’s looking ahead to the next big thing: multiplayer. The online mode is expected to release with a title update in early 2021.

In a State of the Game update, Ubisoft says that future updates will continue to issue fixes and improvements, but most title updates from here on will include new content. The company says it wanted to focus on fixing some remaining player issues before shifting resources, and now it feels is the time to make that shift. This is the first we’ve heard of the multiplayer mode since it was delayed in service of prioritizing bug fixes.

When it launches, the online mode will allow up to four players to roam the open-world London and take on missions together. The multiplayer options will also include the first Tactical Op and a new PvP mode, Spiderbot Arena. The blog also promises it’s looking into more game modes and surprises, and it will be detailing those along with the Season Pass story content next year.

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