Wasteland 3 Devs Are Now In The Very First Stages Of Pre-Production On New Game

Wasteland 3 released on August 28, and now developer inXile Entertainment is looking to the future. Brian Fargo, the head of the studio, has been looking to the future on Twitter, and he’s revealed that something new is already in the works–although it’s still very much in pre-production.

Responding to a fan question about what the studio is up to, Fargo said that the team is working on “wonderful new RPGs,” but that they’ll take time. In a follow-up, he clarified that production has not actually started on anything new yet. “Our second RPG is in the infancy of pre-production,” he wrote.

Fargo has previously said that he intended to retire after releasing Wasteland 3. However, these tweets indicate that he now intends to keep working on new RPGs. We don’t know anything about these new projects, and we’ll likely have to wait some time to learn anything definitive.

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