Warframe’s Heart Of Deimos Adds Chaotic Open-World, New Frame Upgrade System

First shown during Digital Extreme’s TennoCon 2020 livestream, Warframe’s Heart of Deimos expansion introduces a dark storyline set in the game’s next open world location on Mars’ moon. In this large-scale update to the online action-RPG, you’ll face off against new hordes of the Infested who have taken control of the moon Deimos, wresting control from the lost Entrati family. While exploring the moon, you’ll acquire new armaments of power, including a customizable mech suit, and even unlock the means to enhance your suite of characters further–but at a steep cost.

Before its debut at TennoCon, GameSpot had the opportunity to check out an early look at the Heart of Deimos expansion. The new content will be open to all players who have unlocked Mars on the star map, allowing newcomers and veterans to jump into the new story focusing on the Infested control of Mars’ moon. Encompassing the surface as well as a large, procedurally generated network of underground caverns, you’ll explore a section of Deimos known as the Cambion Drift to aid the remnants of the Entrati family, while also unlocking the true power of the Helminth, which has been tucked away on your ship.

In addition to a new open world, the expansion will add another layer to the game’s extensive customization systems. One of the more surprising new additions to the update is the means to expand your Frame’s powers by granting it abilities from different characters. For instance, if you want to give Volt’s shock ability to Mag, you can do so by feeding Volt to the Helminth located on your ship. Doing so will permanently sacrifice your current Volt, and the only way to get Volt back would be to craft a new one. It’s a tough choice, especially for long-time players who have an extensive stable of Frames to pick from. Still, it presents an interesting opportunity to heighten your favorite Frame’s attributes.

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