Valve Is Hiring Another Psychologist To “Craft Compelling Gameplay Experiences”

Valve is looking for a psychologist to join their team and help develop future games and its storefront, Steam. A new listing has been posted to their official site looking for someone to join the studio out of its Bellevue office in Washington state.

“We hire people with broad skill sets who also exhibit deep expertise,” the listing reads. “Psychologists at Valve contribute to a wide variety of initiatives across the company and are trusted to prioritize their work in collaboration with their peers.”

The studio known for Half Life: Alyx, Team Fortress 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has employed a number of psychologists over the years. Valve conducts all sorts of experiments, like one that measures the player’s sweat and level of arousal, to learn about player behavior in order to improve their games. The studio even created a version of Portal 2 that players could control with their eyes after it found that players could move their eyes faster than their hands.

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