Valorant 1.11 Patch Notes Didn’t Mention These Changes To Breach

Valorant‘s latest update is now live following a week-long delay, but the update 1.11 patch notes failed to mention a few key changes made to Breach, the flash-heavy Initiator-class agent. A player noticed and reported one of the changes on Reddit, concerned that it was a bug. Valorant developer u/rycoux responded, listing out the full range of adjustments and admitting that the changes “must have slipped through the cracks” when finalizing the patch notes.

According to the developer, Breach’s Fault Line now charges 20% faster and both Fault Line and Rolling Thunder cast 8m away from him. This does not affect the maximum range of either ability, but it does leave a wide gap between Breach and the start of the ability, which you can see in this clip captured by Reddit user u/oDavideo or in our screenshot below. Previously, these abilities would cast immediately in front of you. Breach’s full flash time has also been increased from 1.75 to 2, but this was mentioned in the patch notes.

The new 8m gap generated by Breach's Fault Line ability.
The new 8m gap generated by Breach’s Fault Line ability.

When asked about the point of the changes, u/rycoux noted, “These are quality of life changes that help his teammates play around his utility a little easier.” The official patch notes go into more detail on this when addressing additional flash tuning done to further distinguish Initiator-class agents.

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