Valheim players are killing bosses too quickly, so today’s patch makes them tougher

There are additionally fixes to help association issues and wipe out world debasement bugs.

A large number of players have amassed into Early Access endurance game Valheim in the course of recent weeks, and many have just vanquished the Viking the great beyond by bringing down Valheim’s five major managers.

Yet, it seems like designer Iron Gate Studios might want to slow down players bulldozing a portion of their manager beasts at a particularly quick speed. A fix delivered today (0.146.8) makes some trouble changes to supervisors 3, 4, and 5. Bog mass Bonemass, ice mythical serpent Moder, and skeletal big boss Yagluth are presently harder to beat.

“u folks are murdering them excessively quick,” the designer says in the fix notes. Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson explained on the manager changes on Twitter, saying Bonemass currently has a faster cooldown on his skirmish assaults, Moder’s hit focuses have been expanded by 2,500, and Yagluth has had some “obstruction changes” and has been given “twofold the HP” since players were bringing him down inside a couple of brief minutes of gathering him.

The fix additionally incorporates different bug fixes and changes. The world debasement bug that could once in a while happen when players quit the game with Alt-F4 seems as though it’s been crushed, which is incredible information, however I envision it’s as yet a smart thought to consistently make reinforcements of your Valheim world and character records. Likewise, the game will currently recall your inclination for showing your in-game area while in center, so you will not need to mark that container on your guide each time you join your number one worker.

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Another exacting bug fix: the humming of deathsquitos is currently distinguishable at a more noteworthy distance, which should ideally chop down somewhat on amazement assaults and deceives by those shockingly horrible winged threats.

In case you’re having issues associating with a worker facilitating Valheim, or encountering a dark screen when you’re attempting to interface, Iron Gate proposes ensuring the worker has been refreshed to the new form and restarted.

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