Valheim player discovers what’s beyond the edge of its enormous map

Valheim’s procedurally created world is, indeed, tremendous. The guide is a gigantic circle, and players start right in the center of it. I’ve been playing Valheim for around 15 hours, and here’s however much I’ve uncovered by investigation by walking and via ocean up until this point:

All that dim, shadowy zone without detail? That is the place where I haven’t set foot yet. Thus, better believe it, it’s very large, and the further you go from the middle the more perilous it gets.

What’s more, as one player found, arriving at the edge of the guide is really damn risky, as well. Spoilers follow, on the off chance that you would prefer not to perceive what’s out there until you arrive at it yourself.

A Valheim player named Steinfus jumped in a Viking boat and set out on grieved waters. In the video beneath, you can perceive what’s at the edge of the guide, and watch Steinfus attempt to turn their boat around to evade it. Tsk-tsk.

I surmise the legends are valid, sail far enough and you’ll fall directly off the edge of the world. From one viewpoint, it feels completely fitting for a game that happens in Viking limbo. Then again, it’s quite damn entertaining to see the boat drew off the edge of the world, the player’s little cape fluttering in the breeze, before they’re instakilled in an abrupt blast of plunder.

However, on the other hand (indeed, I have three hands for the motivations behind this piece), it’s grievous. Seeing the player’s plunder chest spring up out of the boat, I was given the concise expectation it would keep coasting up until it was bouncing in the sea so Steinfus would have the option to cruise back out there and gather all that gear.

Yet, at that point the chest dives into the void after the boat and the cadaver, apparently lost for eternity. That is harsh. Losing all your stuff is a major difficulty, however in any event this Viking has quite a story to tell around the open air fire.