Valheim patch fixes portal exploit, makes deathsquitos more cuddly

Not any more sneaking metal through entries, you shrewd little Vikings.

Numerous Valheim players most likely had a similar snapshot of unpleasant acknowledgment the first occasion when they fabricated a couple of entrances, one at their base and one at some remote, rich area. In the wake of mining a lot of metal, they attempted to venture through the enchantment circle to get back and… proved unable. You can’t take metal through gateways. Darn.

Yet, some smart Vikings found a little adventure that included venturing through the entryway and tapping on a truck or chest simultaneously, guilefully adding the metals to their pockets similarly as they blip away through the sorcery entryway. Yippee!

Indeed, the Valheim fix delivered today seems like it stops the little “transport mineral chest hack,” as it’s depicted by the devs, so you’ll have to discover another approach to cheddar the gateway/metal test or surrender to moving your metals via truck and boat. (In spite of the fact that there is another way, really, sorta.)

The fix, form 0.143.5, additionally brings down harm on deathsquitos, those flying dangers from the Plains. However, it seems as though harm probably won’t have been the genuine issue yet the way that the ‘squitos are so acceptable at humming up behind players unnoticed they do enormous manipulate harm with their proboscises. Perhaps the volume of their humming should be expanded, as well? We’ll check whether that occurs later on.

Another little asset duplication misuse has been fixed, some AI changes have been conveyed, and an “adversary mindfulness marker” has been added to foe huds.

Here are the full Valheim fix notes: