Valheim patch adds more surtling cores for all you Viking smelters

It should now be simpler to locate these basic things required for making smelters and ovens.

In the event that you’ve been playing community Viking endurance game Valheim, you’re presumably quick to move on from creating weapons and dress out of fundamental wood and cowhide. Metal is the place where it’s at, and to begin softening down tin, copper, and iron mineral for making, you will require a smelter and a furnace to make coal to control it.

However, to create the smelter and furnace, you will have to discover a thing called a surtling center, a gleaming red circle you can just discover in entombment chambers situated in the Black Forest and monitored by crowds of skeletons. You’ll require a sum of 10 surtling centers, 5 to fabricate the smelter and 5 more for the furnace.

However, surtling centers have been hard to track down for certain players. Getting out an internment chamber isn’t simple because of the furious skellies, limited halls, and almost completely dark climate. Also, numerous players, myself notwithstanding, have battled our way through various internment chambers just to locate a solitary center—or none by any stretch of the imagination. It’s somewhat baffling.

The new Valheim 0.142.5 fix fortunately addresses that issue, adding additional surtling centers to entombment chambers, which means you ideally will not fight your way through the inky, skelly-filled burial places and leave away with only a modest bunch of bones.

Here are the full changes the fix presents:

In case you’re simply beginning in Valheim, we’ve been assembling a couple of convenient aides, similar to 10 hints for Valheim amateurs, how to construct a pit fire inside (and abstain from kicking the bucket from the smoke filling your home), and how to discover rock, which you’ll require for creating new weapons, devices, and workbench upgrades.