Valheim patch adds more storage space and other quality of afterlife changes

It’s a thick fix made out of heaps of little changes.

One more week has passed and another fix has shown up in the Viking eternity. This is certainly not an enormous fix for Valheim, similar to the forthcoming Hearth and Home update we’re holding our breath for, yet it contains various fixes, changes, and changes, the vast majority of them great.

Among the nature of (after)life assortment, there’s been a fix for the ‘comfort’ estimation, which is expanded when you have certain things in your room, like carpets, seats, and beds. There was an issue where a stool and straightforward bed would abrogate the solace level of better things, similar to a seat and a more excellent bed. That has been fixed.

In case you’re wearing heavier reinforcement, you will not be thumped back as much in battle, which bodes well. On the off chance that you swing a fight hatchet around, you’re bound to hit numerous enemies now, which sounds valuable. What’s more, get glad, Vikings, in light of the fact that your supported chests currently have 24 stockpiling spaces rather than only 18. Huzzah! It’s the ideal spot to keep six a greater amount of your 2,345,921 extra bantam eyes.

Beast changes are gladly received, as well, similar to a higher prize drop rate for deathsquitos and drakes, and wolves that generate around evening time will not rush to escape and despawn while you’re restraining them. All manager drops currently skim, so on the off chance that you end up icing Bonemass while he’s swaying around in profound water, you’ll have the option to gather all that he drops all the more without any problem.

A couple of changes may make certain parts of Viking life somewhat harder, however. Pit fires, huge fires, and hearths presently take harm while managing harm, so on the off chance that you’ve set up flames as a component of a mass-winnowing activity to cultivate assets, those fires will require some maintenance work occasionally. Same in case you’re utilizing pit fires to assist take with bringing down Valheim’s subsequent chief, The Elder, since they’ll corrupt while they’re consuming him. A slight postponement has likewise been added to utilizing the mallet, tool, and cultivator, which has a few players stressed over cultivating and finishing, however I hopped in to test it out and I scarcely notice the deferral by any means. I figure it may very well be an endeavor to forestall steady spamming on occupied workers, which may influence execution. However, we’ll check whether it’s changed again sometime later.

At long last, there’s been a change to how support orders work. The reassure has been handicapped of course, so to enact it you’ll have to add a line to the game’s dispatch properties on Steam.

It’s simple: on the money click Valheim in your Steam library, select Properties, and in the General tab, at the base where it says Launch Options, type – comfort. (No period toward the end.) When in-game, press F5 and the comfort will open. As opposed to utilizing “imacheater” to enact cheats, you’ll currently need to type devcommands all things being equal.


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