Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is free-to-keep on Steam for a limited time

Prepare to observe heaps of chickens (or real warriors) battle.

A while ago when Fallout 4 delivered there were huge loads of YouTube recordings demonstrating what might occur if, for instance, 1,000 Synths went head to head against 50 Super Mutant Behemoths. Responding to these sorts of inquiries is uncommonly significant, and it’s the reason we game on PC. It didn’t take long for a game to deliver that was tied in with setting crowds of AI in opposition to each other: Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

It’s essentially a sandbox game about making crazy engagements. There’s a gigantic spread of various units to look over, everything from genuine Medieval officers through to chickens (any individual who has played a Zelda game realizes that chickens hit hard). It didn’t audit especially well at dispatch, yet in the event that that convinced you not to attempt the game, you should give it a go presently: it’s as of now free on Steam.

On the off chance that you add Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator to your library at the present time, you’ll will keep it for eternity. The offer runs until February 1 at 10am PST (or February 2 at 5am in Australia).

The gift concurs with some impending news from the UEBS devs Brilliant Game Studios. I have no thought what the declaration is, yet it will be “epic” obviously, and no, that doesn’t mean it has anything to do with Epic Games Store. Splendid Game Studios will commence a live stream on Friday at 10am PST here in case you’re intrigued.