Ubisoft Teases New Rainbow Six Operator, Full Reveal Coming Sunday

Ubisoft has briefly pulled back the curtain on the upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege. Titled Operation Neon Dawn, the forthcoming season will include a brand-new operator.

Aruni is a defender from Thailand and comes strapped with an MK14 EBR, P10 RONI, and PRB92. According to PCGamesN, her tactical ability is a plantable Surya laser gate that causes damage to invading attackers when placed on or around entry points. Ubisoft only teased what she looked like in a snippet posted to Twitter, confirming that a full reveal is scheduled for Sunday, November 8 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on Twitch. Check out the teaser below.

A start date for Year 5 Season 4, Operation Neon Dawn, has yet to be announced. The reveal of Operation Neon Dawn will take place during the European November Six Major tournament.

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