Turn Your Xbox Controller Into A Flight Stick With This Simple 3D Printed Mod

With the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator a few weeks ago and the upcoming release of Star Wars: Squadrons, it’s a bit difficult right now to find a dedicated HOTAS (hands on throttle-and-stick) setup. Even if you do find one, they’re usually an expensive investment for a slight curiosity, which might make this 3D-printed alternative more alluring.

Granted you still need a 3D printer (or a generous friend with one) but if you already have that then this Xbox One controller conversion won’t cost you more than $10. The two printable components let you add both a flight stick and thrust throttle to your controller. The prints themselves seem easy enough to assemble, too, snapping together in place and connecting sturdily to the controller.

Creator Akaki Kuumeri has shared the plans for the mod on Thingiverse, along with additional prints that let you expand to more advanced setups from this simple base. With just the flight stick and thrust, you might have some trouble playing a dogfighting game like Star Wars: Squadrons, as you won’t have dedicated buttons for weapons. But if you’re just looking for a cheap way to make your Flight Simulator time feel more immersive, this is it.

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