Torchlight 3’s new class is a pirate captain ghost

The reviled skipper comes close by the free spring update.

Five months after discharge, Torchlight 3 has another class in transit, with the Cursed Captain while in transit to join the positions of such blessed originals as steampunk robot, tormented gem wizard, and train summoner.

The Cursed Captain, declared through a Steam post, brings a genuine summoner, crony expert, or warlock model to Torchlight 3. Its class weapon, the gun, holds it back from the foe while its team of undead crewmates, cannoneers, sharpshooters, and exceedingly significant First Mate connect with on the forefronts. The commander’s other specialization depends on reviled wizardry and explosives, bringing in bombardments from their close by (apparition) leader. The commander controls their capacities with a money called Doubloons, which should be ravaged from fortune and beasts mid-battle.

The Cursed Captain comes to Torchlight 3 in its spring update, which will likewise incorporate 40-something new pets, UI redoes, and a huge number of enhancements for your château. You’ll likewise have the option to reset your game occasion.

We delighted in Torchlight 3’s battle enough to note it as a high point in our audit, however didn’t articulate it the second happening to isometric activity. “On the off chance that an ordinary, prison slithering force trip is the thing that you’re after, Torchlight 3 conveys that sensation in spades,” said our commentator. So that is the thing that’s to anticipate on the off chance that you’d prefer to be an apparition privateer commander.