Time may be running out to get hold of a cheap OnePlus 6T deal

Time may be running out to get hold of a cheap OnePlus 6T deal

“What on Earth is a OnePlus?” – the question overwhelmingly most asked of OnePlus owners when they try showing off their brilliant smartphone to friends and family. Having quietly built up a reputation for producing fantastic smartphones as affordable prices, OnePlus 6T deals have steadily risen in popularity since release last year.

But the mobile – which TechRadar’s OnePlus 6T review deemed “one of the best phones you can buy right now” – is now coming to the end of its shelf-life. The OnePlus 7 is expected to land within the next few weeks and, with it, the beginning of the end for the 6T.

That’s because, unlike iPhone deals and Samsung phone deals, OnePlus doesn’t tend to keep its older generation of mobiles hanging around when its latest, greatest flagship phone goes on sale. So once the OnePlus 7 lands, prepare for OnePlus 6T deals to quickly become tomorrow’s fish and chip paper.

That means if you’ve been liking the look of OnePlus’s smartphones and don’t want to risk a price hike when the new one comes out, then you’d better get in there quickly. It’s still being sold at a number of reputable retailers, and we’ve summarised the cheapest SIM-free prices on different models below:

Or if you want to go all out on your OnePlus 6T, you could always pick up the McLaren Speed Edition from Amazon for £649. It ups the RAM to 10GB for performance as fast as you’d want from that branding and comes with a very swanky orange trim.

What about OnePlus 6T deals on contract?

If you don’t fancy splashing £500+ upfront on your phone, then you don’t have to…that’s what contract mobile phone deals were made for. And these are the three best OnePlus 6T deals you can get before they’re cruelly ripped away…

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