This Soulcalibur 6 mod lets you dunk on Geralt as Bernie Sanders

A story of spirits and Sanders, everlastingly retold.

A Soulcalibur 6 mod allows you to turn into the current month’s number one image, pitting a seat bound Bernie Sanders against the might of contenders like Geralt and 2B.

It doesn’t take a lot to turn into an image nowadays, huh? A week ago, the Vermont representative assumed control over the web and eclipsed Inauguration Day festivities when he… sat in a seat. His cranky attitude embodying how basically everybody has been feeling for the most recent year, innovative individuals have been putting Bernie totally wherever in computer games, from Skyrim’s beginning demise cart to offering Persona’s Igor a reprieve in the Velvet Room.

Presently, DeviantArt’s user619 has supplanted Soulcalibur 6’s male custom character with seat sitting Bernie Sanders. He doesn’t have any activitys, rather uncontrollably tossing his body around, seat ‘n’ all, with whatever character’s weapon you allot him—user619 utilizes Azwel for every one of their demos, yet I would have wanted to see Voldo or Yoshimitsu’s batshit insane moveset on a fixed man in his seat.

It takes a tad of faffing around to get set up (as most character substitution mods do), however in the event that you want to assume any semblance of Nightmare and Zasalamel as a glove clad elderly person, it’ll be justified, despite any trouble. User619 additionally does a huge load of other character substitution mods, for example, Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa or Loba from Apex Legends.

You can get the Bernie mod here, and look at user619’s different mods on their DeviantArt page. You can likewise look at SoulCalibur Sanders in real life in the 16-minute demo video above.