This Skyrim mod turns Solitude into a kaleidoscopic acid trip because why not

As though it hasn’t been said enough, I’ll state it once more—2020 sucked. It was grim, hopeless, in general a tad poo and goodness no doubt, pandemic. I believe that is the reason I’ve been abandoning the dull broody games in quest for more brilliant, healthy encounters like Calico. However, presently there’s a Skyrim mod that allows you to encounter the best of the two universes.

The Pastel Fettuccine retexture mod changes Solitude, probably the greatest city in the game, into a totally bonkers pastel heaven. Totally everything is pastel—the blocks, the foliage, the windows, the shop signs—everything. Indeed, even gold coins get the uwu treatment, being engraved with ‘notice me senpai.’

The mod comes from ‘myself and my most noticeably awful foe, who is helpfully likewise myself’— or lucypurrrr, for short. However, for what reason is it called Pastel Fettuccine, you may inquire? Lucypurrrr sympathetically clarifies that the name is an abbreviation, which represents Pretty Awful Silly Textures Eagerly Left For Everyone That Thinks Unbearable Cuteness Can’t Interrupt Normal Enjoyment.

From the mod page: “Pastel Fettuccine is a retexture mod that expects to make the universe of Skyrim charming and bright, cause adorable n beautiful things are extraordinary and satisfy me so perhaps they’ll fulfill you as well and we sure need some satisfaction on the planet at this moment.”

However, is it legend inviting? “Simply envision it’s paint or the result of a spell turned out badly. Or on the other hand it could even be a direct result of a winged serpent break!”

The charm over-burden probably won’t be as everyone would prefer, however it’s a touch of straightforward euphoria in inauspicious occasions. Indeed, even the mod page feels all warm and fluffy, setting out to go there with its enormous pink comic sans font. If you extravagant a touch of shading in your life, download it from Nexus Mods.