This gaming chair has a built-in katana so you’re always ready

Live by the edge, game by the cutting edge. It’s a gaming seat with an edge.

For all the extraordinary GPUs and CPUs I investigate day by day in this profession, it’s some way or another the gaming seats that continue to shock me.

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You’d think it’d be a basic instance of gamer in addition to seat rises to gaming seat, and from multiple points of view you’d be correct. The essential idea of a dashing seat-style seat hasn’t actually changed all that amount, yet that hasn’t prevented a few producers from thinking of progressively odd approaches to make theirs stand apart from the group.

Furthermore, before you ask, no, the cutting edge isn’t removable and is, indeed, not a genuine sword.

I never suspected I’d see a gaming seat intended to generally mirror an individual’s outfit, even an anime one. However the seat is intended to look something like Giyu Tomioka, a character in the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. I’ve never watched it, actually, yet the odd hoard man on the Lenovo presentation page kind of makes me need to.

I guess it is anything but a far stretch from past wanders into the limits of gaming solace, for example, this gaming seat with mechanical wings. It’s a couple of steps on down the subordinate track from these Bethesda themed Doom and Fallout seats looking at this logically. Just experimentally better, in light of the fact that it has a blade on it.

It’s certainly better than this thing, as well.

Lenovo is just parting with five of these seats in Japan (through Kotaku). In any case, since we’re regarding the matter: If you could Animorphs-style transform your most loved videogame character into a gaming seat, who might you go for and why?

Tell me in the remarks. I’ll make certain to look at them. Most likely.