This Fortnite stonks skin is not an April Fools’ joke

Days abandoned deifying an image in a videogame: 0.

On a day where games organizations love declaring counterfeit poo, Epic Games has quite recently dropped an undeniable stonks skin in Fortnite.

The Diamond Hanz outfit is presently accessible for 1,200 V-Bucks and accompanies the exemplary stonks man himself, given a touch of Fortnite energy with some tore suit pants and a tousled suit coat. There’s likewise the ‘restores’ back bling, which obviously is a dazzling orange bolt for the tip on the image ice sheet.

It’s essential for the ‘To the Moon!’ pack, a reference to the expression utilized much of the time among the individuals who stay in r/wallstreetbets—which without a doubt got a brazen gesture because of their commitments around the entire GameStop catastrophe recently.

It appears as though the skin’s just on the shop for the following 12 hours (as of April 1, obviously) so make a point to grab it on the off chance that you extravagant strutting around as the stonks man. Fortnite commenced Season two or three weeks prior with a base subject, including a cool cutscene from the Avengers chiefs and a shockingly fun Tomb Raider Creative level.