This fansite lets you relax to the sounds of Halo’s main menus

every minute of every day lo-fi tunes to consider/demolish the universe to.

Generally, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a caring restoration of Bungie’s space show, getting the whole arrangement to PC one flawless bundle. However, for all its accommodation, it’s feeling the loss of the appeal of the first games’ menus—flawless as they were in their broad vistas, soundtracked with Marty O’Donnell’s despairing instrumental scores.

Fortunately, the carefully named allows you to return to the delight of leaving a Xbox sitting in the lounge. A spring up menu allows you to flick through most sections, from Combat Evolved’s visit through the nominal Halo ring to ODST’s moping officer. A substitute menu for Halo 3 and the activity pressed frontend for RTS spin-off Halo Wars likewise show up—however that game’s spin-off is quite missing.

The site even highlights a (to some degree more unpleasant) version of the Halo Infinite beginning screen from a year ago’s demo. Taking into account that game was fundamentally deferred for major revamps after that questionable introduction, it’s altogether conceivable the completed game will have a totally unique principle menu.

Will this scene hold up until Infinite’s dispatch in the not so distant future? Or on the other hand will get another expansion, leaving this variant remaining as a period case to what in particular could’ve been? It’s surely something to consider—in a perfect world, to the hints of choral science fiction tunes while drifting over the vestiges of New Mombasa.