This Fall Guys Counter-Strike mod is better than Fall Guys

To reword Jack Nicholson’s Joker, I have given a name to my agony: Falling Guys. This new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mod, made by teteu with assistance from Enrico_srp4, is an assortment of 30 minigames themed after the different models from Mediatonic’s Fall Guys. I stacked it up as a chuckle, and wound up going through hours setting myself silly difficulties.

The mod starts in a center zone, where you can pick your shade of Fall(ing) Guy prior to choosing one of the minigames by throwing a fake explosive at their titles. At that point yourself and your gathering are sucked into some astoundingly dedicated diversions of Fall Guys’ most champion rounds.

See, I realize I was somewhat mean about Fall Guys in the feature: it’s a fine giggle when you’re in the disposition. What I wound up adoring about this mod was, strangely, how well a portion of the modes function as a senseless piece of CS: GO practice. One guide specifically, Fall Race, reproduces the Fall Guys challenge where players need to bounce across goliath moving stages. It’s not by and large a surf map but rather, after my mates went chasing and I was left in the mod performance, I wound up going through at any rate an hour doing stumbles into these fans and working out different courses.

Indeed I’m somewhat of a saddo, however that is the entire fun of mods: discovering something startling that swallows definitely additional time than it ought to. The Falling Guys mod incorporates both these unwavering entertainments and others where Counter-Strike components like firearms and bob mines interrupt, just as a few gametypes devoted to one weapon.

The subtleties unmistakably made a difference to the makers of Falling Guys: on the sliding entryways level, the downwards incline and tricky pit toward the end are unblemished; the ball-pushing challenge has those disturbing stubs on the floor that continually thump it off; the diversion of the race-course is close amazing down to the steadily rising purple goo.

You can download Falling Guys from the Steam workshop, after which it’s available from the primary ‘play’ menu under workshop content. Attempt it with a couple of mates, and check whether you don’t get sucked in as well.