This essential Valheim mod turns you into a freakishly huge Viking

‘Modify your character’s bones’ says the mod. What’s more, you ought to.

The sheer size of Valheim’s reality can cause your Viking to feel tiny in examination. Fortunately, there’s presently an approach to make your Valheim character swole. Galactically swole! So large you overshadow your own base, even. What’s more, don’t you have the right to be a stunningly tremendous Viking? The appropriate response is yes.

BoneMod for Valheim “permits you to modify your character’s bones,” something we’d all prefer to do to our ordinarily unalterable bones. By entering orders in the talk sheet, you can scale and stretch your standard-issue Viking skeleton to your profound longing. Need a monster head? Simply make your skull bone colossal. Need hands the size of rocks? The mod can do that as well. Need to make yourself taller, yet in addition kind of limited so you’re somewhat befuddling to take a gander at, or need your chest area so large it predominates your home? This current mod’s gotchu in light of the fact that you can change your bones on the whole three measurements.

Also, it’s quite simple! With the mod introduced (you’ll additionally require the interminably helpful BepInEx mod running) just hit Enter to open the visit sheet and type in orders. They all beginning with !bm, trailed by the body part, trailed by a worth or qualities somewhere in the range of 1 and 10. You can scale your bones similarly by entering a solitary worth (!bm head 10 makes your head essentially gigantic, for instance) or on the x, y, and z tomahawks (!bm head 4 7 3 will change the width, tallness, and profundity independently.)

The always significant !bmreset takes your depleted Viking bones back to the production line setting. Additionally, on the off chance that you log out with your bones all extended and huge and disturbing, when you log back in they’ll be ordinary once more.

Nobody you play with will actually want to see your extraordinarily swole body, notwithstanding, except if they have the mod introduced as well. There might be issues (undefined by the modder) that happen if there are two players on the worker with a similar name—apparently, any bone-extending applied to one character would be applied to the next without wanting to. Along these lines, be cautious with that! Or then again savage your companions by copying their name and making their feet overly little, I’m not your father.