This beehive-inspired Nvidia RTX 3060 is generating quite the buzz

The hivemind are isolated about EmTek’s Miracle honeycomb GPU cover.

South Korean GPU maker EmTek as of late declared its custom, bee colony enlivened 30-arrangement GPU setup, known as the Miracle arrangement. The first of the multitude to hit is the Miracle D6 12GB RTX 3060, and its cover is quite sweet.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you imagine that is sufficient honey bee quips for one story, clutch your hood (on the grounds that there’s a honey bee in it).

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These will offer a 1.32GHz base GPU clock speed, and increases in up to 1.77GHz. By and by it’ll probably go much higher than that, as well. All that will come murmuring through the 3,584 CUDA centers. It additionally accompanies a similar 12GB GDDR6—evaluated to 15Gbps over a 192-cycle memory transport—as your a standard RTX 3060 robot.

Coming in at the lower end of Nvidia’s second era of RTX GPUs, they may not be Queen with regards to execution, however the RTX 3060 gives it an illustrious go. Indeed, even at 4K these cards can blunder along joyfully at over 30fps. In any case, if this degree of execution isn’t your pot, and you extravagant something with somewhat more toxin, there’ll be all the more remarkable cards coming out with the honeycomb cover.

Presently the EmTek store (by means of VideoCardz) says just that the item information is “to be refreshed later,” and just has one picture up until this point, however the full rundown of specs are there on the off chance that you need to investigate.

So many of the remarks I’ve spotted include individuals getting truly irritated up concerning the plan. This disgrace encompassing any GPUs that don’t look like Gundam hatchlings needs to stop. It damages to see interesting plans like this get stung, in vain more than attempting to pollenate the market with something somewhat extraordinary.

Individuals are too reluctant to even consider changing their stripes, it appears.

There’s no word on cost at this point, yet you can wager it’ll be more than the $349 dispatch cost, including delivery and imports from South Korea. In any case, the Miracle configuration may be awesome for each one of those dark ‘n’ yellow high-fliers out there searching for something somewhat extraordinary.

One thing’s without a doubt: It’ll be a supernatural occurrence on the off chance that we at any point see them on the racks.