This 80 Plus Gold PSU for $110 is one of the best bargains for an 850W model

You can control even the most force hungry illustrations cards with this PSU.

The most recent age illustrations cards are incrediblyscarce, however in any event power supply units are abundant. That incorporates high wattage models that can deal with even the burliest GPUs, similar to the GeForce RTX 3090. Super Flower’s Legion GX Gold Pro 850W is one of them, and it’s additionally on special.

It’s discounted to $109.99 at Newegg at the present time, which isn’t a ginormous markdown by any stretch—just $20—yet it was at that point perhaps the most sensibly evaluated, name-brand 850W models with 80 Plus Gold accreditation available. So while the markdown is humble, it stacks on top of a current deal in its own right.

Super Flower Legion GX Gold Pro 850W | 80 Plus Gold | $129.99 $109.99 at Newegg

There is a great deal of wattage on this PSU, with 80 Plus Gold accreditation and level strip cabling for sure. It’s a great unit with a humble sticker price, and enough squeeze to take care of the best designs cards available.


I discovered this arrangement while investigating an arrangement for a recertified EVGA 850 GQ PSU that is as of now accessible for $99.99. EVGA considers it a ‘B-stock’ thing, taking note of it “might have little scratches, little marks, or recognizable use.”  That’s a superb cost for a quality 850W PSU, however in looking into the amount of a reserve funds it would be over new units with longer guarantees, I discovered this Super Flower model.

It has a 5-year guarantee, versus just 1-year for EVGA’s renovated unit, for just $10 more with this arrangement. That settles on it a simple choice. Concerning the Super Flower brand, our companions at Tom’s Hardware covered the organization’s entrance into the North America market a year ago under its own name, calling it “a standout amongst other PSU OEMs these days.”  And talking about EVGA, Super Flower fabricated each all around respected EVGA PSU inside the organization’s G2, G3, P2, and T2 families.

The Legion GX Gold Pro model that is marked down here is a semi-secluded unit, which means a portion of the more significant links are for all time appended while a few others are definitely not. It additionally utilizes adaptable, level strip cabling to help with link the board.

In case you’re longing for a day when you can really purchase a very good quality illustrations card, you can in any event set up your PC for when that day accompanies this 850W PSU.