This 11GB Cyberpunk 2077 mod fixes the audio mix

What’s that? Apologies, can’t hear you.

Experiencing difficulty hearing things in Cyberpunk 2077? Do you change the volume sliders in light of the fact that the battle music is excessively boisterous, just to discover you can’t hear the melodies on the radio? Or on the other hand you can’t hear individuals when they’re behind you, or you’re sneaking, or in a vehicle?

Assuming this is the case, modder Floyd2099 might be your deliverer with a mod that has changed about 800 sound records to re-balance the blend. The portrayal clarifies that with this mod high-volume night club music stays noisy, however will not totally muffle exchange, and keeping in mind that the battle music additionally stays uproarious, the contrast among it and the remainder of the encompassing soundtrack ought to be less articulated.

Note that it doesn’t take care of missing sound, so in the event that you’ve seen missing sound when you jack into radio pinnacles, for example, at that point you’ll need to trust that CD Projekt Red will fix that one.

What’s more, truly, it is a 11GB download. It’s accessible in 12 sections on Nexus Mods, yet you can likewise download it from a Google Drive reflect, which is pleasant.

A security imperfection that drove CD Projekt Red to caution players against downloading mods has been managed in a new hotfix. Considering that, here are probably the best mods for Cyberpunk 2077 up until now.