This $1000 Elder Scrolls wedding ring will guarantee a ‘no’

Get Mara’s favoring in return for chapter 11.

Hoping to propose to your better half? Do they love games and fiercely costly, cheap gems? Well you’re in karma, since now you can request that your accomplice wed you in style with a $1,000 ring from The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Ritual of Mara ring discreetly showed up on Bethesda’s store a couple of days back and is by a long shot the most costly piece of merchandise on offer. The ring is 10K yellow gold and, as per the item depiction, ‘cleaned to a mirror sparkle.’ There’s additionally an etching within the band that peruses ‘With this ring and Mara’s favoring.’ Mara is one of the nine divines in Elder Scrolls legend, and the goddess of affection, marriage, and empathy.

I realize you should feel impatient to get your hands on this choice piece, and the ring is accessible for pre-request until the fourteenth February, after which Bethesda said it’ll stay away forever.

The Nordic style isn’t awful essentially, yet the good old yellow gold and ostentatious etching is positively an obtained taste (or as Bethesda puts it, the ring “conveys a warm and delicate yellow tone frequently utilized in authentic old-world gems”).

In the event that you, in any case, similar to the ring, at that point I am sorry and make a harmony offering. For the individuals who need one however don’t extravagant bankrupting themselves, Bethesda offers an all the more sensibly estimated $85 real silver adaptation. Or on the other hand, y’know, simply don’t get hitched: it’s a lot less expensive.