These 9 Things Will Totally Happen In Gaming In 2021 (Maybe)

With 2020 just about wrapped up and all its best games recognized in our annual Best Of awards, the team at GameSpot would like to help you anticipate what lies ahead by accurately predicting the future (or attempting to). 2021 is looking to be an exciting proving ground for new-generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, as they both enter the next phase after their recent launches. Will the year bring fantastic games and experiences that will push the new hardware toward exciting new heights? Or will we still have to wait a while before the heavy investment we made this past holiday season becomes worth it? And let’s not forget; Nintendo just might use this year to release the long-rumored upgrade to the Switch–we think as much, at least. Whatever may happen, time will tell (or we will in our predictions)!

In GameSpot’s annual prediction series, we’ve put our brains together to determine what could happen next year in the world of games. While our accuracy in predicting the future isn’t always on the mark, it still won’t stop us from speculating.

Below you can find our gaming predictions for 2021. No matter how plausible or absurd these predictions might be, these are what we believe will come true in some form next year.

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