There’s another Haunted PS1 Demo Disc for 2021 and it’s 147 percent as haunted

Can hardly wait to see another trailer where a skeleton discloses to me how rad videogames are.

I couldn’t say whether you’ve heard however game demos are back, infant. A year ago, the non mainstream scene of engineers making creepy games with PlayStation-period illustrations set up a free compilation of 17 foreboding peculiarities called the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk. Its makers are getting back from the place that is known for wobbling surfaces and goliath polygons with a continuation, the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk 2021, which will contain 25 demos for impending retro games with low-fi craftsmanship.

Similarly as with a year ago, it will not be a genuine, actual circle, yet rather a heap of Windows executables got to by means of a launcher with a UI suggestive of the days of yore. Among the current year’s considerations are Agony of a Dying MMO, “a story ghastliness game that happens in the last hours of an enormously multiplayer web based game before its workers shut down for great”, The Lunar Effect, a fixed-camera frightfulness game in the Resident Evil/Silent Hill/Alone in the Dark style in which you need to tackle riddles to get away from a manor, and tmOD, a “Reviled love letter/demake on exemplary gmod and the hl2 modding scene”.

The skeleton who I accept that is responsible for things isn’t too severe about definitions, as the FAQ clarifies, saying that “few out of every odd game must be 3D or have the specific visual peculiarities of a particular equipment. Likewise we don’t need the games to have a severe repulsiveness topic, rather they can be climatic, have a slight terrifying turn or even feel so of the period that we can’t avoid adoring them and needing them in the assortment.”

Despite the fact that made arrangements for discharge on March 24, the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk 2021 has been kept down for a day “for our designers prosperity”.

It will incorporate playable demos of these 25 games: