The Walking Dead: Where To Watch And Stream The AMC Series And Its Spin-offs

There is a lot of The Walking Dead in the world. The main AMC series is currently in Season 10, the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead is in Season 6, and there is a brand-new companion show The Walking Dead: World Beyond currently airing. But if you’re someone who is just getting into the show for the first time, how can you catch up? Luckily, most of The Walking Dead is available to watch online.

What’s more, if you don’t have cable, there are ways to keep up with all these shows as they air, provided you don’t mind throwing down some cash on a few streaming services. Things do get a little bit tricky, as all The Walking Dead shows aren’t just on one of the big streaming platforms. Here is how to watch them all.

The Walking Dead

If you’re looking to catch up on nine seasons of the flagship series, which mostly features Rick Grimes and company killing walkers, running a town, and battling crazed survivors (until Rick is written off the show, that is), then the best place to watch old episodes of the show is on Netflix. Seasons 1-9 of The Walking Dead are available on the streaming service.

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