The Stardew Valley Expanded mod is ready for 1.5 with a big new farm

Grandpa’s Farm just got a ton greater.

Since Stardew Valley’s establishments shaking 1.5 update has been out for a spot, let me bring up to you that a lot of the game’s most famous mods are as of now refreshed and fit for reason with it.

In particular, the rambling Stardew Valley Expanded mod is chugging along of course, and got a decent new ranch guide to suit the enormous update for sure. Grandpa’s Farm is a colossal new homestead map with all way of comforts on it, similar to a secretive looking shed. Some pleasant obscure looking forests. A stunning waterway. It likewise incorporates new mysteries and missions to oblige another look. The old ranch map for SVE, Immersive Farm 2, is as yet accessible, yet Grandpa’s Farm supercedes it as the essential guide for SVE.

Decent. Introducing SVE is maybe the best arrangement on the off chance that you returned to Stardew for the huge update, yet your development save consumed it rapidly—or you just understood consumed by all the recognizable stuff on appearance. In any case, Stardew Valley Expanded is a mod our Lauren Morton said feels like “a legitimate extension.” That’s a ton of stuff on top of the development measured update to the game that 1.5 gave us all, total with another locale to investigate and a heap of end-game (post-game?) objectives to accomplish.

I’ve discovered the 1.5 update an amazing future time back to the game after years away. I particularly noticed that its split-screen nearby center, on a widescreen screen or TV, is the best goal I’ve ever played Stardew Valley in. Presently I’m eager to wrap that playthrough up so I can require a month break and bounce into Stardew Valley Expanded. You can discover Stardew Valley Expanded on NexusMods.