The Sims 4 Update To Add More Skin Tones, Sliders, And More

The Sims 4 is making some big moves toward inclusivity and customization later this year. With a December update, the game will get a ton of skin tone and other customization options, with a particular eye toward better representation for darker skin tones.

In a post on the EA Blog, the Sims team details the changes. A base game update hit on October 6, and will be coming to the console versions on November 10, which fixes some color banding issues with darker skin tones and makes them appear more consistent and properly shaded. It will be building on that with another update, coming on December 8, which will add more than 100 new skin tones. Not only that, but each of the skin tones will let you further customize it with a value slider. EA promises that skins will display better, including a better showing for suntans and sunburns.

You’ll also be able to use four new makeup sliders to pick colors that will complement the new skin tones. Those will have fine control with hue, value, opacity, and saturation sliders. Three more base game hairstyles will be added as well: braided ponytail with and without baby hairs for children, and a flat top texture hairstyle.

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