The Priest Guide to Killing your Raid Group in Uldir

The Priest Guide to Killing your Raid Group in Uldir


– Stand between tank and Taloc during Cudgel of Core. Grip your victim as Taloc is about to charge, giving yourself time to avoid it yourself.

– If you're fixated by an add, grip your victim as the add closes in, and run away quickly. If done right, they'll take the hit and not you.

– In P2, look for people that like to run around. Stand near the edge of the elevator and grip them, causing them to run off if they're not careful.


Grip your victim in front of Sanitizing Strike. Put an angelic feather down for yourself in order to avoid and let your unsuspecting victim take the blow.

– Stack on your victim. When the fires spawn, grip them and they'll take 2 hits in one from the fire gouts.

– Due to there being just one safe space, it's not possible to grip people through the wall/ceiling lasers without getting hit yourself. Consider standing out, and using pain suppression on yourself before gripping.


It goes without saying that the boss frontal attack is a risky, but effective method of killing people.

– Stand positioning an ominous cloud between yourself and a low health player. Grip this player through the cloud and in theory, the add will spawn and immediately finish the player off.

Fetid Devourer

– This is a little tricky to do. Watch the DBM timer for thrashing terror. At about 3-4 seconds left, run to your main tank and grip your victim. If you're lucky, your tanks will notice you moving towards them, briefly panic and spread, allowing your victim to take the hit while you run away.

– While Regurgitation is being cast, stand on the opposite side of the targeted area, and grip a player through right as the cast finishes.


– Do what you can to increase the victim's stacks of Lingering Infection. This boss is kinda hard to kill people on, but do stuff like gripping them near target of Gestate.

– As P2 is beginning, move to the boss. Quickly figure out which direction he's moving, move in that direction with him behind you and quickly grip a player.


– Follow the player closely with Dark Revelation. As they return to the group after exploding, quickly circle round the adds that spawn, and grip the player through them, fearing them.

– Drop angelic feathers for players affected by Deathwish so they can outrun the other healers. If your raid leader asks why you didn't dispel, say that you lagged or that you were dispelling the other person.


– Follow a specific player closely for the whole encounter, gripping them away from fragments and taking them for yourself with angelic feather.

– Grip players through oblivion spheres. If you see your victim getting knocked out, move to the opposite side and ping pong them back with Holy Nova.

– This is very tricky to do, but it's an assured kill if you can pull it off. Stand with the boss in between you and your victim. If you're targeted by the laser beam, grip your target through the boss as they laser is about to go off. If done right, they'll lose health from oblivion veil, and then get finished off by the first few ticks of the laser. If your victim is slow, just grip them into the laser beam. It'll draw less attention from your raid leader and is still possible to kill them without oblivion veil.


– Avoid getting a stack of Dark Bargain. Find a victim who has one stack, and grip them during the Dark Bargain cast. Pop CDs and nuke them. Be praised by your raid leader for quickly taking care of it as a healer.

– Explosive Corruption can be fun, just have a play around with it. If you're targeted, stand on your victim and let it explode on them. Grip them into an orb you just spawned for a double whammy.

– Grip your victim out of Blood Feast and allow their stacks to climb. Put a shield on yourself and stand near them during Wave of Corruption.

I may post an updated version of this at a later date as I discover more tricks.

Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility if any of your decisions influenced by this guide result in temper tantrums, loot locking, removal from raid, removal from guild or other negative consequences.

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