The next Among Us map is finally coming out, here’s why it took longer than expected

Prodded right back in December, players can at long last see the Airship soon.


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The PC Gamer staff may have gotten the Valheim bug toward the beginning of 2021, however a large number of individuals are as yet appreciating a year ago’s fever, Among Us. Fans have been standing by persistently for the new guide since it was appeared at The Game Awards in December, and designer Innersloth is at long last prepared to begin talking delivery dates. The Airship is authoritatively dropping on March 31.

The Airship is Among Us’ fourth guide and furthermore turns out to be its greatest. That is somewhat amazing, considering Polus would already be able to feel excessively large here and there. Alongside the actual Airship is more errands (it’s hazy in the event that they’ll be elite to the new guide), free caps, stepping stools, and the capacity to pick which room you produce in. This is the most significant update since Among Us got huge, fundamentally.

In less showy however similarly significant news, the update incorporates Innersloth’s first break at a record framework that it expectations will diminish poisonousness in the game. Right now, Among Us doesn’t follow player conduct or records in any reasonable manner. With accounts, the designer will probably have new instruments to direct in-game visits and usernames.

Innersloth recognizes that the update took longer than anticipated and chose to clarify why in the present dev blog. The appropriate response? Innersloth has been faltering from the game’s abrupt blast of fame since a year ago. “At the point when a game turns out to be startlingly well known it’s extraordinary, yet it brings an entire slew of different issues we were incredibly new to,” the post peruses. “That being said, we’re very appreciative for the entirety of the achievement we’ve found.”

That ubiquity prompted more outer accomplices collaborating with Innersloth to deal with ports, worker loads, stock, business advancement, and so forth More cooks in the kitchen, the dev concedes, hindered the speedier ideation measure it used to appreciate. “The thing about being a studio and a ~corporate entity~ is that we really can’t rush out things and delivery them without thinking about a few other influencing factors now. (Indeed, even little updates!) It was simpler when we were only a gathering of 3 and there weren’t actually numerous requests of us, yet now things have changed and we need to follow a more unbending cycle since sooo numerous others are included.”

I had recently expected that Innersloth itself likewise extended all through 2020, however it turns out the center advancement group is as yet five individuals—an extraordinarily little team to fight a huge number of dynamic players.

The dev clarified that recruiting can be a “diverting” measure with not many individuals to commit time to it. “For instance—if Forest, our one developer at that point, must be detracted from work on the guide to figure out many resumes, meet a huge load of software engineers, and set up their representative onboarding, it requires up many long stretches of work AND 100% of our programming power.” Innersloth said it needs to keep its time little and “comfortable,” however more recruits are in transit.

The expanded responsibility in the minuscule group was sufficient that Innersloth ended up crunching toward the finish of 2020 while others were taking occasion breaks.

“Since Among Us exploded so late in 2020, it implied we couldn’t take an appropriate winter occasion, and at times we can wind up working very late dealing with things. This isn’t something to be glad for by any means, particularly since the games business regularly disapproves of crunch that we need to maintain a strategic distance from. However, we’re attempting to be straightforward with you, and we need to be better about this.”

Among Us probably won’t be perhaps the greatest game on PC any longer, yet it’ll most likely keep Innersloth occupied for quite a long time to come. Hopefully the dev can discover its balance in 2021 and build up a better work process.