The newest Among Us map, The Airship, is now live

The present update additionally adds new errands, caps, and various interactivity enhancements.

The stand by is at long last finished, and the new Among Us map is presently live. The Airship is the fourth guide to be added to the game, and is likewise the greatest—and took longer than anticipated to show up, designer Inner Sloth clarified recently, in light of the abrupt, outrageous uptick in the game’s ubiquity.

Alongside the new guide, the update additionally adds new errands, caps, and a fundamental record framework that will empower players to report awful conduct. Discussing which, Innersloth likewise shared an outline of its new set of accepted rules, to guarantee that everybody is in total agreement:


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The present update shockingly doesn’t extend anterooms past the flow ten player limit, yet InnerSloth said that it’s as of now chipping away at expanding that number to 15. It likewise has a total workmanship style redo in progress, and guaranteed “more successive, straightforward updates” too.

“One of our huge objectives is to simply show you the advancement cycle, what goes on in the background, and for you develop with us,” it said. “We’ve adapted so a lot and don’t have any desire to conceal anything from you with regards to this stuff. It’s unusual!”

For the individuals who put a need on looking great, there’s additionally another Airship Skin Bundle that is presently accessible for procurement. You can look at all the new duds beneath, and take bliss in the information that each new outfit in the pack likewise accompanies its own personal custom murder activity.

The Airship Skin Bundle Steam page additionally gives us a top-down take a gander at the new guide, which could demonstrate convenient when you’re attempting to discover your way around. Snap the four bolts in the upper right corner for a full-size look.

Our top Among Us impostor brought a plunge into the new guide not long after it went live, and left away for certain worries about exactly how damn huge it truly is—useful for impostors, however awful for every other person. Look at our full impressions of The Airship here.